MPSC Assistant Town Planner Syllabus 2022 – Download Detailed Syllabus

About Maharashtra Public Service Commission: Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) is a Constitutional Body established Under Article 315 of the Constitution of India which provides a smooth and efficient functioning of the Government of Maharashtra by providing suitable candidates for various Government posts and advising them on various service matters like formulation of Recruitment Rules, advise on promotions, transfers and disciplinary actions etc.

Maharashtra Public Service Commission – Assistant Town Planner Examination Pattern

Subject & No. of Marks Medium of Exam No. of Questions Duration Level Nature of Paper
Related to the Subject (Code No. 105), 200 Marks English 100 1 Hour Degree Objective Type


Topics & Sub Topics:

1. Current events of national and international importance – Political, Industrial, Economic, Social, Educational, Geographical, Astronomical, Cultural, Scientific, etc.
2. Right to Information Act,2005
3. Faculty of Science & Engineering
(1) Scientific Knowledge:- Nature of Science, Pre-suppositions of Science, Scientific method.
(2) Modernisation and Science:- What is Modernisation (Definition of Modernisation), Type and Nature of Modernisation, Modernisation and Indian Society (Problems and remedies)
(3) Scientific and Technological Developments (The World over, particularly in India)
(4) Effects of Technological Developments on Urban and Rural Life
(5) Various Indian Problems And Their Scientific Solutions:-
For Example:- Energy problem, Food grains problem, Population problem, Environment Problem, Educational problem, Housing problem, Transport problem, Communication problem, Public Health problem, etc.

Section – A – Planning

Regional Plan (R.P):

  • Need of contents of Regional Plan
  • Regional Delimitation
  • Surveys necessary for Regional Plan
  • Analysis and Projections
  • Necessary Steps for starting and ending the process of Regional Planning
  • Relation with the State plan and surroundings

Development Plan (D.P):

  • Surveys, types, duration, etc.
  • Analysis and Projections
  • Demographic Projections
  • Goals and objectives, Public Participation
  • Implementation and Financial Aspects
  • Delineation
  • Relation with R.P.
  • Content of DP and Planning norms
  • Modifications, purchase notice
  • Legal and Administrative process to start D.P.

Town Planning Scheme:

  • Concept of T.P.S
  • Legal Provision
  • Relation with D.P.
  • Original Plot, Final Plot, Semi-final Plot
  • Incremental Contribution (Betterment charge)
  • Rationale for charging Incremental Contribution
  • Function of Arbitrator
  • Advance Possession
  • Amenities, Partially beneficial
  • Cost of Scheme

Building Permission:

  • Building Byelaws
  • Development
  • Document Required for development permission
  • Measurement Plan
  • Layout of Land
  • F.S.I, TDR
  • Development charge
  • Exemption from development permission
  1. Matters to be considered while granting development permission
  2. An appeal under refusal of Building

Special Townships:

  • Special Township Policy
  • Land requirement, procedures for locational clearance, the salient feature
  • Responsibilities of developer


  • Surveys
  • Classification of Roads
  • Design and grade separation
  • P.C.U.S.
  • Public transport needs
  • Requirement of civil aviation and Railways

Environment Aspects:

  • Environment Protection Acts.
  • Global Warming
  • Eco-sensitive Zone
  • Polluter Pay Principles

Village Plan:

  • Surveys
  • Water supply, drainage
  • Solid waste Management
  • Connectivity
  • Central and State Scheme related village development and plans.

Acts and Rules:

  • Municipal Act
  • MR and TP Act 1966
  • LA Act. 1894
  • MLR code
  • Environment Act
  • Bombay Stamp Act

Section B – Valuation:

Value, cost, price:

  • Purposes of valuation
  • Special Characteristics of landed property
  • Supply of landed property
  • Demand for landed property
  • Interest in landed property

Capital Value & Rental Value:

  • Rack rent
  • Standard rent
  • Lease rent

Valuation Table:

  • Meaning & utilities of Valuation Tables
  • Remuneration rate of Interest
  • The accumulation rate of Interest
  • Amount of Rs. 1/-
  • Present value of Rs. 1/-
  • Amount of Rs. 1/- p.a.
  • Annual sinking fund
  • Present value of Rs.1/- p.a.
  • Annuity of Rs. 1/-
  • Single rate & duel Rate Tables

Methods of Valuation:

  • Comparative methods
  • Market approach method
  • Contractors method
  • Investment method
  • Belting method
  • Value of land in an undeveloped stage

Value of Agricultural land (Paranjape Committee report):

  • Types of crops
  • Yield
  • Gross income
  • Total deductions
  • Capitalization

Annual Statement of rates:

  • True Market Value
  • Procedure for preparing annual Statement of rates
  • Bagayat land, jeerayat land, sharpad land
  • Valuation for bulk land

Land Acquisition:

  • Eminent domain
  • Public purpose joint measurement
  • Material date of valuation
  • Severance of Injurious affection
  • Draft L. A. Bill 2011 before parliament
  • Matters to be considered while granting compensation.-
  • Matters to be neglected while deciding the amount of compensation solatium.

Address for Communication

Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC),
51/2, 7 and 8th Floor,
Cooperage Telephone Exchange Building
Maharshi Karve Marg,
Cooperage, Mumbai – 400021.

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