MP 10th Class Syllabus 2024– Download 10th Class Subject Wise Syllabus

MP Board 10th Syllabus 2024 – Madhya Pradesh Board has released the Revised MP Board Syllabus 2024 for class 10 on the official website This year, the Madhya Pradesh Board has reduced the syllabus, the list of subjects omitted from the syllabus is available on the official website of MPBSE.

MP 10th Class Syllabus 2024

Madhya Pradesh Board of School Education has released the 10th Class Syllabus. Candidates who are preparing for the 10th Class examinations can download the subject-wise syllabus available here. Feel free to ask any query regarding the examination here.

Available Subjects in 10th Class:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit
  • Marathi
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social
  • Biology


  • Unit 1: Prose(including vocabulary)
  • Unit 2: Poetry
  • Unit 3: Grammar
  • Unit 4: Unseen Passage
  • Unit 5: Essay
  • Unit 6: Letter
  • Unit 7: Translation

Prescribed Book

English Reader Book V adapted and compiled by Board of Secondary Education, MP, Bhopal, and published by M.P. Text Book Corporation M.P. Bhopal..

Unit 1:   All the 12 lessons prescribed in the book.

Unit 2: All the 10 poems in the book (Poetry)

Unit 3: Grammar

  • Use of simple present(for future)
  • Question tags
  • Sentence pattern

(a) Noun+Verb+Noun+adjective+Past participle.

(b) It + verb +adjective+noun clause

(c) So that clause/So——–that clause

  • Adverbial clauses with-‘ AS LONG AS’ ‘unless’ and ‘if ‘
  • Use of positive, comparative & superlative. degrees of adjective.
  • Use of get +noun/pronoun+to+verb
  • Revision of tenses as done in class IX
  • Use of anticipatory ‘it’
  • Some elliptical patterns.
  • Use of being sure/afraid+noun clause
  • Use of ‘had…-would have
  • Use of ‘have got to +verb’
  • Use of “kind of” and “type of”
  • Use of ‘mind’ (verb)+present participle or verb with ‘ing’ form ‘mind’+noun/pronoun+verb-‘ing’
  • Use of or/otherwise(Co-ordinating )
  • Use of could /might/ought to have Constructions+verb
  • Use of ‘do’ (for emphasis )
  • Transformation of sentences.

Unit 4: Unseen passage of about 200 words

Unit 5: Essay of about 250 words

Unit 6: Letter/application

Unit 7: Translation.


  • Unit-I: PadhyaBhaag
  • Unit-II: Gadhya Bhaag
  • Unit-III: Auxillary Words
  • Unit-IV: Languages
  • Unit-V: Poetry
  • Unit-VI: Unread Comprehension
  • Unit-VII: Letter Writing
  • Unit-VIII: Essay Writing


Unit-I: First 7 lessons from Telugu Vachakamu for Xth class published by Govt. of A.P.(New Edn.1988)

Unit-II: Poetry First 7 poems from Telugu Vachakamu for Xth class published by Govt. of A.P   (New Edn.1988)

Unit-III: Grammar

  • Parts of speech construction of simple sentences,
  • Synonyms, Verbs, Samasamu, Sandhi, Nanarad-hamulu
  • Transformation of sentences
  • Essay writing on a given topic (not exceeding 200 words

Unit-IV: Current topic or interests

Unit-V: Letter writing(topic related to present day need)

Unit-VI: Unseen passage with 6 Questions of objective type


Unit-I: Prose 9-16 lessons Published by Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation, 1992. (Revised edition)

Unit-II: Poetry – Marumalarchi Ilakiyam

Unit-III: Vocabulary

Unit-IV: Grammar

Unit-V: Essay Writing

Unit-VI: Letter writing(topic related to present-day need)

Unit-VII: Unseen passage


Unit-I: Prose (8 Lessons) Kerala Pathavali Std VII (Edition 1990), Published by Government of Kerala, Trivandrum


  • As Kochu Vana Devathaye Kandittundo-6
  • Pallum Naavum
  • Jaya Prakash Narayanan
  • Vad tmi Kiynde Poorvashramam
  • Sahitya thinte Dharmam
  • Theyyam
  • Muppathu
  • Amma

Unit-II: Poetry (7 Poems)

  • Jaya Jaya Kerala Dharani
  • Kaaliye Mardhanam
  • Maghanukil Penkodi
  • Athi Dharuna Dhrishyam
  •  Vettiyum Tholviyum
  • Chingappulari
  • Malayachalam
  • Chintha Vishtayaya Sita

Unit-III: Grammar

Figures of Speech, Verbs, Subject, and predicate, Synonyms

Antonyms and Grammar based on textbooks and samas

Essay Writing: Topics related to school life, Youth activities, Social issues, National issues, Science, Culture, Arts&Sports,   (Not more than a hundred words).

Letter Writing (Personal)


Unit-I: Prose (Textbook- prescribed for prose & poetry Aao Punjabi Sikhiye)

(From lesson 15 to 30 i. e. from pages No. 89 to 178  from the above-mentioned book)

Unit-II: Poetry

Unit-III: Vocabulary & Grammar (Opposite words, numbers, gender, spellings (shabadojode))

Unit-IV: Essay Writing

Unit-V: Letter Writing

Unit-VI: Unseen Comprehension


Unit-I: Prose- Donkear Nagakare Book Prescribed

  • Kogile
  • Chacha Nehru
  • Nagatri
  • Namma Desh

Unit-II: Poetry

Donkear Balad Nagakare Book Prescribed ‘NAMMA NUDI’  (Apri Boli)

Unit-III: Grammar & Vocabulary

  1. Meaning of difficult words  and their use
  2. Parts of Speech

Unit-IV: Paragraph & Essay writing on the topic given (200 sentences)

Unit-V: Translation (Simple sentences from Hindi to Kannada & Vice Verse)


Unit-I: Prose (Nasr)

  • Darsi Kitaab mein shaamil nasr keiy asbaaque ka
  • khulaasa aur sawaalat

Unit-II: Poetry                   

  • Kitaab mein shaamil Nazmon ko yaad karna, ashaar ki
  • Tashreeh aur nazm ka khulaasa

Unit-III: Vocabulary

  • Darsi Kitab mein shaamil asbaaque mein mushkil alfaaz
  • Aur muhaavrey aur unka istemaal

Unit-IV: Grammar (Qawaed)

  • Zameer aur fael ki pehchaan
  • Waahid jaama ki pehchaan, waahid jaama banana
  • Muzak-kar aur moannas ki pehchaan aur banana

Unit-V: Essay Writing (Mazmoon Nigaari)

Aaam mozooaat par mukhtasir mazmoon likhna

Unit-VI: Letter & Application (Darkhaast/Khutoot Naveesi)

Unit-VII: Unseen Passage (Nigaarish)


 Unit-I: Prose: The following lessons

  • Maza Toheboo an Takoona
  • Musabapqah
  • Al-Futoor.
  • Al-Amanab
  • Al-Saido

Unit-II: Poetry (Book prescribed Al-Shirul Arabi Part I 10 Marks)

The following Poems:

  • Iza Kunta.
  • Khaliaya
  • Ya Rabbe in Azomat
  • Ala Innana
  • Anitun Ala Ardil Huda.
  • Anitun Ala Ardil Huda.

Unit-III: Vocabulary 

Unit-IV: Grammar (Fele, Mazi, Muzare, Huroofe, Nasebah, Huroof, Jasimab)

Unit-V: Essay Writing/ Letter Writing

Unit-VI: Unseen Passage

Unit-VII: Translation from Urdu into Arabic


Textual Material:- Book Prescribed for prose & Poetry:-        

Dabistaan Deewan Farsi ……… Published by Ministry of Education, Islamic Republic of Iran

Unit-I:  Prose(Nasr):- Faarsi Iqtibaasaat ka Urdu mein Tarjuma questions from the prose lessons  from beginning upto page 45.

 Unit-II: Poetry (Nazm): Explanations and Translation of poems and their stanzas in Urdu.

Unit-III: Vocabulary

Meanings of Persian words into Urdu and their use in sentences, Fill in the blanks etc. (Faarsi Alfaaz keiy Urdu maeney aur unka istemaal ……… khaali jaghon ko pur karna etc)

Unit-IV: Grammar (Qawaid)

Mundarja zail ki taareefaat mai misaal. Ism Zameer, Feil Tazaad

Unit-V: Short Essay Writing (Mukhtasar Mazmoon Nigari) or Letter Writing/ Application Writing

Unit-VI: Unseen Passage (Nigarish)


Unit-I: Prose and Poetry

Lessons from 26 to 35 from the book “My First Russian Book” and from  1 to 8 lessons from the book “My Second Russian Book” by V.D. Arakin and I. Samolova  Published by Moscow Russian Language Publishers.

 Unit-II: Any Russian Poem

Unit-III: Grammar

  • Revision of Grammar covered in the IXth class.
  • Use of nouns of masculine and feminine genders in the plural numbers in the prepositional case. Use of possessive and demonstrative pronouns and adjectives in the prepositional cases. Introduction of the imperative mood.
  • Use of feminine nouns(animate and inanimate)demonstrative pronouns  in singular number in the accusative case expressing of possession like ‘ I have ‘ you haven’t. agreement of possessive pronouns and adjectives with nouns. Adjectives and nouns of all genders in Accusative plural.
  • Verb-Verbs of motion covered in the lessons, acquaintace with verb of singular and repeated action expressing ability to do something in the present tense with the infinitive on non reflexive verb,Past tense of verb.

Unit-IV: Composition

  • Our family
  • Season of the year.
  • My city.
  • Excursion.
  • Library.
  • My Vaction.
  • Shopping etc.

Unit-V: Unseen Passage

A simple passage containing vocabulary and grammar prescribed for the course.

Unit-VI: Translation of a Passage from Russian to English/ Hindi language

Unit-VII: Translation from the prescribed textbooks “My First Russian Book and “My           Second Russian Book” from Russian to English/Hindi “My First Russian Book-lessons 26-30 “My Second Russian Book” lessons from 1-8.

Unit-VIII: Translation of Simple Sentences

Translation of simple sentences from English/Hindi into Russian based on prescribed grammatical and lexical items.


Unit-I: Prose

  • Sri Krishanka Kshudha
  • Nagarike Adhikar O Kartavya
  • Salukathare se Pratham Oriya
  • Atmavali
  • Abda Chalam

Unit-II: Poetry

  • Sarat
  • Venisamhare
  • Gachha O Kathuria
  • Taapor Vilap
  • Phulapari Tume padila khari

Unit-III: Grammar

Vyanjan Sandhi,Visarga Sandhi,Tadhita Krudanta Samasa.

Unit-IV: Essay Writing

Unit-V: Letter Writing

Unit-VI: Unseen Passage


  • Real numbers
  • Polynomials
  • Pair of linear equations in two variables
  • Quadratic equations
  • Arithmetic progressions
  • Triangles
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Introduction to trigonometry
  • Some applications of trigonometry
  • Circles
  • Constructions
  • Areas related to circles
  • Surface areas and volumes
  • Statistics
  • Probability


  • Chemical Reactions & Equations
  • Acid Bases and Salts
  • Metals & Non-Metals
  • Carbon and its compounds
  • Periodic Classification of elements
  • Life Processes
  • Control and Co-ordination
  • How do Organisms Reproduce?
  • Heredity and Evolution
  • Light – Reflection and Refraction
  • The Human Eye and the colorful world
  • Electricity
  • Magnetic effects of Electric Current
  • Sources of Energy
  • Our Environment
  • Sustainable Management of Natural resources

Social Science

Unit-I: India Resources

Types of Resources, Forest and Wild Life, Agriculture, Water Resource, Mineral Resource, Power Resource, etc.

Unit-II: Industry

Types, Contribution of Industries to National Economy, Industrial Pollution, etc.

Unit-III: Transport, Communication & foreign trade

Transport-Utility and types, Means of Communication, Foreign Trade, Imports, Exports, etc.

Unit-IV: Disaster Management

Natural Calamities, Man-Made Calamities, General Calamities

Unit-V: Maps

Reading and Marking

Unit-VI: First Struggle for Freedom and After

Introduction to Important Revolutionaries, First Struggles for Freedom of 1857, Moderates and Extremes Birth of Indian National Congress.

Unit-VII: Events Related to the Independence Revolution

Revolution of Bange Bhang Partition of India in 1947 and Its Silent Features, Contribution of Madhya Pradesh to the Freedom Struggle.

Unit-VIII: Major Events of the Post-Independence Period

India’s Relations With Neighboring Countries, Birth of Bangladesh, Emergency in India, Kashmir Problem, Rise of India as Atomic Power, Etc.

Unit-IX: Indian Constitution

Organization of Constitution Draft Committee, Salient Features of Indian Constitution.

Unit-X: Working on Indian Democracy

Organization of Constitution Draft Committee, Salient Features of Indian Constitution.

Unit-XI: Major Challenges before Democracy

Increase in Population, Unemployment, Communalism, Terrorists, Drug addiction, etc.

Unit-XII: Story of Development

The Ancient and Modern Concept of Economic Development. National Income & Per Capita Income, Economic Planning in India, Money and Financial System, Private Financial Institutions and Different Types of Banks, Etc.

Unit-XIII: Services Sector

Service Sector, Infrastructure, etc.

Unit-XIV: Consumer Awareness

Need and Importance, Consumer Exploitation, Causes, and Remedies. Standardization of Commodities, Government Role

Unit-XV: Economic Systems and Globalisation

Economic System, Globalisation

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